A modernist daydream created by founder Michael Mercanti, Yolanda’s Spuntino Casa, or more affectionately known as Yolanda’s, is best understood as a fusion of Italian heritage, family history, and his own personal penchant for counter-cultures, trends, and design.

Think of it as an Italian wedding between baby-boomer values and millennial tastes.

Situated across from Fisherman’s Wharf in beautiful Bronte Harbour, this once humble hundred-year-old lakeside cottage has been reimagined as a stunning modern interior with full waterfront terrace and 50-foot bar.

Like the space itself, Yolanda’s menu has evolved. Sustainable seasonal ingredients, locally sourced seafood, and handmade rituals are at the core of every recipe. The menu design: from the bevande (drinks) to the all-day secondi (entrees), gives guests an authentic Italian experience unmatched in the Greater Toronto Area.

After settling in on the all-season patio, we decided to go with the recommendations from our server: An Ace Hill Pilsner and house special Italian Spritz.

Beer draft spouts

Staying true to the local movement, Yolanda’s readily features Ace Hill Pilsner, a local craft beer from the 416, on their revolving taps.

Ace Hill beer handle

The Italian spritz is a house favorite that combines the refreshing flavors of Aperol and Prosecco. The orange twist adds the perfect finish.

Yolanda's Spuntino Casa Italian Spritz orange spray/peel


If you’ve ever been lucky enough to have been invited to a traditional Italian meal, it is common knowledge to show up on an empty stomach. Consider the antipasto, or appetizer, a meal before the meal.

On this day, Yolanda’s delicious in-house cured meats, perfectly battered calamari and flavourful arancini were the best way to start our dining experience. Since it was our first time here, we chose to go with the staple dishes. Though more than satisfied with our appetizers and spuntino, we decided to go all in.

Yolanda's Spuntino Casa Antipasto spread

Yolanda's Spuntino Casa Arancini

Inspired by the gorgeous lakeside view, we decided to dip into the seafood menu by sharing an order of the clams + mussels. Bathing in a white wine with extra virgin oil and sprinkles of fresh herbs, the shellfish were busting with flavour.

Yolanda's Spuntino Casa Steamed Muscles + Clams


Since it was our first time, we decided to go with the staple dishes. I went with traditional homemade spaghetti with butter, fresh chilis, parsley, Parmigiano Reggiano, and breadcrumbs. It’s often said that sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to do. Not at Yolanda’s; this dish felt right at home.

Yolanda's Spuntino Casa Spaghetti

My guest decided to go with the arctic char an extremely delicate dish that takes tender love and care. The fish was cooked to perfection and complimented nicely by the in-house celery root puree. The dish was rounded out nicely with the roasted beets and brussels sprouts.

Yolanda's Spuntino Casa Arctic Char


By the end of the meal, my guest and I sat back with genuine expressions of satisfaction. After ordering two espresso coretto alla grappa, a digestif, we sat back and got lost in the lakeside scenery and trendy ambiance.

Like all long lasting traditions, it looks like Yolanda’s Spuntino Casa is here to stay.

Check out the rest of Yolanda’s menu and cocktail list on their website, and book your next reservation online.