Initially, our local food movement had a very small role to play in Hamilton’s cultural renaissance. However, in the last couple years, Hamilton’s foodie scene has gained some serious traction across the city and GTA. Restaurants like NàRomaHAMBRGR, The Mule and The Aberdeen Tavern (among a growing list of many others) have changed how Hamiltonians eat and drink. The determination and resolve of our local ‘food-preneurs’ and the scene they have created is going to be celebrated in what is best described as the SuperCrawl of food, #NOSHHamOnt.

If September is our celebration of art and music, October is the official month of food and drink. From October 17 to the 23, restaurants across the city will open their doors to foodies, curious experimenters and experienced imbibers, with a crafted menu only available during NOSH week, presented by FirstOntario Credit Union.

From The Arancini on Hamilton’s East Mountain, Southern Smoke Barbecue House in the Ottawa Street textile district and Mezcal TNT on James South, NOSH gives you an opportunity to get out, explore your city and define your palate.

The diverse range of restaurants, events and menus are enough to make anybody want to NOSH. Here’s a ‘who’s, who’ map of #NOSHHamOnt with custom icons designed by Steven Twigg, highlighting all the best menus and events happening that week:

For more information please visit the official NOSH event site and Facebook page.